How much would you like to earn


Yeah, but we’re NEVER going to have a cathedral - Brighton is regularly voted most godless city in the country.


I don’t understand.


so why not make it cheaper?


also voted highest number of clown trousers, gap year travellers and so on


Ha ha ha, you’ve got no God. Shit city with no God


superb edit.


yeah but not enough people vote for them and even the artsy people on here aren’t interested in personal sacrifices or grand gestures that might help shift public perception of wealth and selfishness


You forgot most attractive


yeah you haven’t got the foggiest what they’re doing in terms of personal sacrifice though have ya bam?


What did I say? Tbf nurses earn more than £30k after about 3 years of qualifying, let alone the office elite squadron who dominate these boards.


Watching that live edit was better than any film I’ve seen in the last year.




Nothing simple about feeding people chicken. Just check @1101010’s thread for proof.


Hi CG. Shall we just get rid now?


needs to be an organised effort where millions voluntarily take pay cuts or there’s no point at all


Then the money would stay in the businesses and we’d live in a feudal economy


What is it that bothers you about my post?


It’s usually a trade off. Cheaper places usually cost more to access employment and cultural activities and influence and power, because they’re removed from the centres of activity.


yeah you’re probably right. Maybe It’s just me and I don’t want to live in this world anymore


I don’t think anybody really needs to take home more than about £400 a week after tax. People will pretend they do, but they’d be privileged tories. Dunno what that is gross, guessing about £26k.

Should probably be compulsory for anyone who earns over about (plucks figure from thin air) £24k gross to give 1-2% of their wage to charity as well.

I wouldn’t like to earn a specific amount, i’d just like to work sociable hours, with nice people, do something different every day and be happy. I’d take £20k for that over, say, £60k for huge amounts of stress and working with bellends.