How much would you like to earn


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At this point in time, with a ~65k debt from University fees, (still increasing on a PhD stipend, good 1), I’ll need to earn above £45k, I think, to begin to pay it back over the interest. I would not feel remotely “immoral” having a salary of this level. This also means I can’t realistically begin saving until I am 27+, so the idea of getting on the property ladder before I* want to have kids in my, probably early thirties… eugh this all seems so grim when you spell it out

*the TV


i dunno man. a lot of us don’t like the taste of the world as it is right now. that’s not an outlandish opinion to have at all


I am in the process of buying, asked the solicitors when they will be done they said depends


Classic solicitors


feels really pointless carrying on living if we’re just stuck in a system where even the good people can’t really do anything or else risk giving more power to fewer individuals.




Lots. Cba with reading replies


People shouldn’t have to donate any money to charity (at least for concerns at a local/national level). Taxes should pay for what people need. That’s why charities and donating to charity are rarer in places with high taxation, like Scandinavia and the Netherlands.




but that argument is fine…unless you’re currently living somewhere which means that you don’t have high taxation (relatively) and can afford to give to charity. ‘ah but i shouldn’t have to you see because’ is the sort of thing that silly people say.


Part of the problem that this is the system that we’ve got for now. And yes it could be better, and lots of people are working towards that, and I doubt anybody here wouldn’t want a better system, or object to paying more in tax, or whatever.
But because it’s the system we’ve got, people are going to try and do the best they can within this system, and that’ll be the case regardless of whatever system we have (IMHO).


Hey not arguing with you, just confused on the student loan stuff. What do you mean that you’ll need to earn above £45k to start paying it back? You know it ends after so many years and they just take a certain % of your wages each month once you’re over something like £18k per year?

Just wondering if you’d misunderstood something - there shouldn’t be a reason that you need to earn £45k per year to save money alongside paying back a student loan.

Admittedly the property market is a whole different kettle of fish and we’re all fucked there :slight_smile:


Wanna elaborate?





Everything you wrote is bullshit


That’s probably true, reckon that’s what loads of right wing people believe too so deep down there’s probably not much difference in intention and morality. Gosh, loads to think about


I prefer it when people engage in sensible conversations rather than slandering each other.


There’s a 4.5% interest on it - by this I mean paying back more than the interest accrual.


Why are people engaging with the nob?


£45k to pay back more than the interest