How much would you like to earn


What is it that bothers you about my post ?


I’m not confused about the concept of it, I just feel that levelling out on it is a reasonable thing to aim for


The very first human societies started out your way and cities grew up organically over many thousands of years. Of course things change.


don’t care just want it to be more than balonz.


Sorry I gotcha then. I guess I’ve just given up on my student loan to the point where I just presume I’ll just be paying it off until it expires (25 years from start?)


Wtf why’s everyone coming to Amsterdam?


to make it more expensive for you




i actually did elaborate, in a non-slanderous way, to suggest that your argument is bullshit


What sort of salary does someone have to earn for you to be quietly confident they’d be sub-human scum?

  • £60k
  • £70k
  • £80k
  • £90k
  • £100k

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this needs to be multiple choice so i can tick all of them


Human progress (though not history) has been a story of increasing urbanisation though.

The employment impetus might slow with increased viability of remote working, but economies of scale/agglomeration effects mean that for other human interests, grouping in cities will still be the trend for generations to come.


£my salary + 1


£my salary - 1





anyone who has money to spare, you really dont have an excuse not to give a bit away to people who desperately need it

(setting up monthly payments are better than one off payments btw - clearly the need will increase as more and more people are deliberately injured by Israeli forces and will have life changing injuries but the need is always there



not to mention the huge rise in online gaming and increasing rental prices in city centres


Bit harsh, he’s got nice hair and makes some decent tunes


You’re all free market liberals anyway, so this conversation is pointless.

What’s ironic is that capitalism works best when more people earn higher wages, but f u I want more money right.


The original point was hypothetical, so we might as well hypothesise that things would be better if we adopted a taxation system in keeping with those in Scandinavia. As it stands, of course donating to (the right) charities would be a good thing to do.