How much would you like to earn


… Doctors on the NHS easily earn that. Surgeons probably start on 90k/100k.

Some headteachers can earn in the upper brackets of that in state schools.

This is mad. I get the separate argument of they could donate X% of their salary etc I also get the separate argument of as a society we should be looking at how much we pay people. But to call all individuals out on this seems mad!


but IF taxation was keeping other people in your nation safe, you could just donate to overseas charities instead, you see


don’t worry. bugduv is secretly an oil mogul and just does this sort of thing satirically


it is CG


Its not a great joke admittedly but you were giving reasons why a city cost more to live in, I pretended you were making excuses as its the fault of town planners (its not the fault of town planners but I think you are in that industry and don’t like apologising)
Its even less funny now


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done pretty well for a lad in his late 20s tbh


Per person? Or for one bed flats?


They don’t.

Consultants (so those who have been qualified as doctors for maybe ten years, and who have gone through all their training) might start on about £75k for a full working week.

They might get additional amounts taking them up to the figures you quote with longer hours and further responsibilities though, yes.


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really? the average salary at my gp practice in lewisham is £76k


Sorry am I missing something - his options begin at £60k? Wasn’t trying to say doctors would start on those salaries immediately either.


I think the data is per property.


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I really can’t be arsed going back over the thread, but wasn’t the original point something along the lines of a compulsory contribution to charity based on income? And that idea is a pretty poor one IMHO compared to the much more preferable idea of a progressive taxation system that adequately funds decent public services supplemented by a variety of charities (domestic and overseas) that people can optionally support in addition.


Ahh okay. This is why you have flatmates folks!


In a one bed? Cosy.


Ugh I’m useless at being clear. I read back and saw my comment about what surgeons start on. Sorry for being shite at presenting my argument.

Thrust of my argument stands though, NHS doctors can earn salaries within the given brackets - doesn’t make them arseholes automatically!



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