How much would you like to earn


What you don’t get from the photo is the state of his car - it’s a Bentley Continental GT, done in that paint that looks different colours from different angles, going from orange to purple. It’s an abomination.

He runs a load of pubs in town and you see his car about a lot.

To be fair though, as much of a dickhead as he is, he’s never going to top Chris Eubank from a while back, who used to ride his Harley Davidson wearing horse riding gear, or drive the cab of an articulated lorry around the lanes.


Sorry misunderstood, so that was for 1 bed properties in particular? Not like you’re the expert on this or anything hah, just curious.


I think it’s ok to have a distinction between living immoral lives and being an arsehole.


this guy’s fucking car, I’m a pacifist and I don’t even really hate the rich and I would happily throw a molotov cocktail through the windscreen


FYI I grabbed my info on surgeons from this article from 2011 (first google hit, could be off the mark big time!)

Salary For consultants on the new contract (covering 96% of surgeons), basic pay is £90,200 and average total earnings are £119,800.


kind of miss seeing Eubank in his clown cars


I saw him parked on Trafalgar Square in that for the anti-war march in 2003. Shook his hand for some reason.


Well I completely agree (and alluded to that in my first reply).

I was just replying to Budguv saying the below though

What sort of salary does someone have to earn for you to be quietly confident they’d be sub-human scum?


Didn’t he also have some kind of military vehicle at one point that he used to swan around Hove in? Swear it’s in the Louis Theroux doc-o on him


That average sounds about right.

There will be a couple of principals/partners who have liability for the practice and who will earn upwards of £100k, and the rest will be salaried GPs who earn less.

Don’t forget that GPs have a shorter training period than hospital consultants.


How do you know everything?


yes he had an action man jeep thing


googles it


yeah agree with bam again.

if the extent of our socialism is going to be making more middle class first world people there’s not even any point doing it.


I don’t remember any more tbh, I’ve been googling a lot of average rent things.


Don’t think he can google this much in depth knowledge on different stuff so quickly.

Must have an amazing brain for retaining information


just to be clear, doctors and nurses and teachers should all be on a million pounds a year


nono literally just google. he has voice activation set up


banned from hundreds of pub quizzes too at this point


:frowning: oh