How much would you like to earn


I stand by my flatmates argument anyway. Student house share til your mid 30s!


I heard that when Amazon’s Alexa gets asked a question, Alexa asks @Marckee


Christ no.


i know you sort of want him to be smart but whenever i met him he’s just wearing a FEMALE BODY INSPECTOR t shirt and mainly just shouts ‘WAHEY!!’ when you try and have a conversation with him. massive let down.


yep I’m writing this all down on postits to place around the flat

OFFICIAL thread for cataloguing when people done other people there 2.0: The Bloodening

Think it’s just his profile picture makes me think he is really academic


far from it. he’s a tanning bed lothario


Sorry to talk about you whilst you are here @markee I know it’s rude :frowning:


How do you un-vote on something. I voted on this for the lols but now I’m worried about my future career as a Tory MP


Yeah, you’re right for consultants, but junior doctors (and you can be a surgeon at junior doctor level for a decade or even two after qualifying as a doctor) are a fair way short of that level.


i was hoping so much you were going to reply to bam with WAHEY


Dont forget are brave boys


oh i read bam’s post as anaemic


Reckon the England football team already earn at least that much


Only a couple, not hundreds.


Think Chelsea players are already on more than that


Good one, eps


It’s about football, in case you didn’t get it.


Is it really boring to come late into the thread, say 30k would do me, then leave…well yes but I don’t feel like abandoning this post…


Although it’s not everything…I could be due a 20% pay increase in my first 3 nursing years. Not sure if that’s still a loss in “real terms” but it certainly feels a lot better