How much would you like to earn


currently I would be extremely happy just to earn a 5 figure salary


Money is so weird.

I’d like 70k please - I think there are some studies that say after this amount you don’t really get much happier as a result of being paid more (might be bollock tho)

But yeah, right now I probably ‘need’ about 22k and would be very content with 35k - but it’s all relative isn’t it - to get close to 50k in my industry I’m pretty sure I’d have to go chase the London salaries, and that’s either commuting for three hours a day - plus travel costs (which combined wipes out any gains I might make financially), or move to London (living costs increase dramatically, which again wipes out any gains)

Have had to be a bit careful this last year with money, and as long as all your basic needs are met and you can still go to the pub once in a while I’m not sure it matters that much (obvs not having any money at all is awful) - I guess if all your mates are city bankers and the equivalent of going to the pub is jetting off to Vegas for the weekend or something then it might be mentally quite hard getting paid a great deal less than 100k or whatever.


i’m more important than any of you. gimme some money.




I think @bamnan’s made a lot of interesting statements in this thread that have been dealt with glibly but I actually think probably deserved a really thorough response. Not that I have the ability to get at the issues with them at the right level.


I’d rather be on my current 22k in my nice part of Cleveland than say 35k in a city tbh. My mortgage for an attractive 3-bed is £340, which I’d probably be at least doubling for most cities. Have enough to cover mine and dog’s living expenses. Can’t really save yet, but my salary increases 1k or so per year for the next few years so hopefully I will be able to at some point. So yeah, 26k would do nicely.


I’m going to say £150,000 so I can comfortably send the kids to a good private school


Also - I don’t really like describing how much people are paid with as ‘how much people earn’ - seems really loaded with implications due to ‘earn’’s duel meaning.

Loads of people get paid pretty well to do bugger all each day whilst others work their ass of for a pittance. Used to do a job where I got paid alright, which over the years morphed into a scenario where I didn’t have any work to do for 70% of the time. Didn’t feel like I’d earnt hardly any of my pay each month.


TV’s mortgage on a 1-bed in Edinburgh is roughly that. Obviously it’s smaller (but still a good size - Scottish tenements :heart:), but I don’t think either of us really care about having a house, we like being in a city, and neither of us drive nor want to, so we’re limited in our choices anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(I’m really desperate to move back because I can earn around the same, or even less, and still be vastly better off than I am now.)


Yeah I used to get paid about £35k to go in at 11, have a few meetngs, forward hundreds of emails to someone else to deal with, pop in to some hearings about topics I was interested in, draft amendments to stuff to make it more feminist, go for a long lunch, maybe draft a briefing or something then go to a free cocktail reception.

Felt kinda bad for my soul and like my brain was rotting.


Yeah I left as It just felt absolutely horrible after a while! Sounds great in theory, but like you say - bad for the soul.

Had a great day when I had to do a handover of work i was doing when I left. This guy who was going to be taking over my work came down from Oxford to Brighton and had the whole day booking in to go over my projects. Took about half an hour to show him what I’d been up to the last 6 months!!! Ha ha!


I look forward to reading this thread when I’m back at my desk…

Lived comfortably for many years on minimum wage as I had no desire to do a proper job in my 20’s, and feel totally vindicated since getting one. In fact, most weeks I got 4 days wage for minimum wage and rented a city centre flat on my own, and had a pretty decent life.

My wage has fluctuated massively over the past 24 months (18k - 40k and now back to under the median UK wage) and feel anything over 26k is far too extravagant unless you have dependants.

Agree with Bamnan too, that everyone wants to pretend they’re some kind of socialist hero but will pay stupid rents in stupid cities so they can earn stupid wages. Absolute hypocrisy.


It’s all coming back now.

There was some restructuring at some point in the company, which is basically when most of my job evaporated but I somehow wasnt made redundant, and I’d always get into little chats with people in other departments in the kitchen, and their jobs had been merged with someone else’s job so that they had like twice the amount to do or whatever, and they would be all stressing out about how their targets had increased and they were having to work late and all this stuff, and I’d be like ‘yeah It’s awful isn’t it, so much on!’ When really I’d had a two hour lunch break and looked at pictures of cats on the internet.


Kind of have that currently. They’ll sack me soon so just making hay while the sun shines.


I thought that - and I was there for another tear and a half I think! I just had to leave - brain was turning to mush and was completely deskilling myself each day!

About another 6 months after I left they shut it all down, hey ho!


Would quite like to earn 40k, but seeing as I don’t get paid holiday, sick pay or any sort of benefits 40k to me is very different to 40k for someone in employment


If you work as a locum which you can do before you specialise you can earn over 70k easily



EDIT: actually, unless you do loads of hours, I think you’ll have to be a specialist locum to get that high.


don’t cry budgie…all will be ok


I always feel as though I need about £10k more than I am currently earning. When you earn more, you find more to spend it on. Get used to a nicer standard of living. There would be a limit though. I mean, absolutely no one actually needs to earn as much as many top actors or footballers etc. Let alone the huge amounts paid out to some of the top bosses.