How much would you like to earn


No more than I do now, unless interest rates rocket and servicing my mortgage becomes painful.


Loads but only because of the fact I have a gigantic extended family, lots of who are struggling and I’m just lucky that my parents went to uni in Kuwait/England and managed to escape to a better life. Also as my country isn’t recognised by the UN and receives very little foreign aid, the economy heavily relies on diaspora support and money sent to relatives. If it wasn’t for all that tho I reckon I could be v comfortable on 30k


Hate when jobs ask you to suggest a wage

Billion pounds please thanks


Yes! Worse thing! Total prick move!


Just wish everything was cheaper tbh


Easy to deal with if you know the market, though. Just go for the top end of the range you’d expect for the role.


I hate this too, inevitably just say “what are you offering?” and it turns into a very tedious Mexican stand-off


“Well I’m currently on… and I have to factor in … and blah blah just give me some money yuke hunt”


I suppose my main retort is that cities are expensive partly because of the way their economic model works, but mainly because of political choices designed to primarily to protect homeowners. This is something that cuts across left and right, for what it’s worth.

There could be plenty of new homes built in london’s suburbs if they were allowed to densify, but protecting their suburban character is seen as more important.

Loads of places that need to grow (Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Edinburgh, York) are hemmed in by greenbelt. If they’re not, they’re beset by anti development groups.

Substantial costs of new infrastructure are loaded onto new developments, driving the price of new homes up. Meanwhile, primary residences are exempt from capital gains tax, so homeowners benefit from huge windfall gains to their property value paid for in part by new residents. This also drastically affects our ability to provide new infrastructure, which worsens intra-urban inequalities.

So no, people moving to a place do not drive prices up. Existing residents and policies designed to placate them do.


I don’t really have the academic background or in depth knowledge to back up things I say a lot of the time, it’s just thoughts I have.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes people lean left or right politically, do we all share the sense that we are doing what’s best for the most people? I’m sure lots of Tories think that any lefty socialism would destroy the economy and we’d all be poor and living in anarchy. There’s always many subconscious reasons to believe you are broadly speaking living a good life and doing the best with the hand you are dealt.


Obviously I’m hugely biased here because I’m left-leaning, but a lot of right wing thinking is strongly, strongly focused on individualism rather than any collective benefit.

So no, I don’t think that’s the case at all.


but I mean I reckon they think that the world is an innately hostile place and your options are helping yourself and your family or helping nobody at all


Sure, but that’s still a deeply selfish ideology.


I think so, but it’s about how widely they’re thinking. I know someone who voted Conservative because she thought it’d best protect her business and therefore her family and her employees. So that helps those people, but nobody beyond that, at that just makes the mess we’re in worse.


I think I agree


with you


Nah crumbs from the table innit. Or “trickledown” if you prefer.


still most people will factor their own comfort way above other people though sadly.

I mean it’s kind of abhorrent that I will spend what little money I have on pizza or a videogame rather than helping people really suffering. I’ve made a decision that my entertainment is worth more than their lives


Yeah, but we’re all wired for self-preservation. Nobody should feel guilty about that.

But it’s a matter of degrees. You getting a pizza as a treat isn’t the same thing as Jeff Bezos spunking his money on a private space program instead of paying his employees a living wage.


Yeah I think on the richer side of the right there’s a sense of ‘if you work hard you’ll succeed, just like I did’ that’s blind to the vast privilege they started with and is really toxic.

Conversely I think if you look at poorer or average right wing votes (like the trump or leave voters) then if you dig down under say anti immigration rhetoric they will generally want the same things (jobs, safe streets, fair pay etc).