How much would you like to earn


oh right, winchester




You’re being ridiculous

I’m meant to stay on a council estate where everything has been shut, transport links purposely decimated and people left to rot because due to an accident of Birth and people born in Kensington get to keep their wealth forever


I said City, not backwater


Norwinch DREAMS of being a backwater




I guess i was naive because I believed in the concept of socialism but I’m really disillusioned now because in the end everyone always has a “yeah but I didn’t mean me…” argument to everything.



I like that idea. Maybe have an X mile radius around the hospital you were born in and you can’t get a job outside that perimeter. Would reward London parents who don’t leave so they can get a house with a driveway.


I’d like to earn enough to move in with saps and he would never have to work again.


not really but you’re meant to acknowledge your own complicity in an immoral system


£25k would be incredible. £30k would be incredibler. £40k and I’d just retire


Most people on here earn well above 30k.


i think we can all agree that safebruv is basically the monopoly top hat man and/or - and i’m not fully confirming this but good as - is an arms dealer. morally speaking


nah he’s totally not, I don’t think I’ve made my point well


I would like to earn the respect of you all instead of money.



  • I earn more than 30k p.a
  • I earn less than 30k p.a

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If I take trillions then trillions goes to the government in tax and I could fund a campaign for a Labour government to increase taxes (I’d still be part of the problem though - curse you Balonz for this question which is ethically unanswerable!)


Heyyyy youre in Amsterdam this weekend right?


Then you are already the richest person on these boards.