How much would you like to earn


Doubt it


this works well because my respect is absolutely for sale




Money’s a bit daft when you think about it, isn’t it.


Sweet. I’m there from early Friday. Will drop you my number in a pm but will see you guys Saturday anyway!


this is a real dick move but i wanna earn a bit less tbph


But so’s clapping and roundabouts and stuff


anything surplus to what you need you can just give to charity it’s fine


is it legal to give more money to HMRC if you want to?


Mo money, mo moral


Agreed on clapping but roundabouts are fine, it’s other drivers that are the problem.


Winchester is a city???


i think your account would just sit in surplus and they’d charge you less next time


I earn nearly £30k p/a (kind of). I can just about afford my rent (shit 1 bed flat in Burton), bills, maintenance for the boy, my fucking car loan, car insurance, fuel, and a small amount of food.

I would like to earn more, and would not consider it immoral.


I put loads more question marks than that, this stupid site took them out


Money don’t matter 2night
It sure didn’t matter yesterday
Just when u think u’ve got more than enough
That’s when it all up and flies away
That’s when u find out that u’re better off
Making sure ur soul’s alright
Cause money didn’t matter yesterday
And it sure don’t matter 2night


that’s shit.


The fuck are they going to do with it though under this government? I got a tax cut last year, which is absolutely absurd given the state of public services.


it totally depends on your circumstances and dependants of course.


cathedral innit