How much would you like to earn


Gimme some money.


They’ve got a Christmas market and everything!


That doesn’t sound very efficient.


Depends,innit. When wife on maternity means £40k+ doesn’t really cut it.
Reckon I would be happy on…



72k pa





Everybody PayPal Me Some Money.


wtf? thats not nearly true


maybe a better way to look at is it how much “luxury” money do you think you ought to have?

Nobody would need more than £50 a week for nice food, alcohol, electronics or entertainment.


You could just start building amenities (also HMRC would welcome any money you would give them)


At this point in my life: 40K (I don’t earn this)

I guess I’d like to earn in £k whatever my age is plus £5k**

** I’d probably get fucked by inflation later in life.


you talking per person or per household, spacefan?


per person


National average rent last month (obvs skewed by London) was £904 pcm.


oh one of those pretend cities


I keep building bus stops, but apparently they’re just proving to be an inconvenience to people.


more, so i can buy more bows. :ribbon:



Dependent on area

My 2 bedroom flat in Manchester City cents was £1200 a month