How much would you like to earn


I used to work for Clear Channel (Adshel) and they actually do build and maintain bus shelters. There is a parts depot in Cumbernauld (that I have been to) should you require anything.


Think any immorality figure needs to be adjusted for disposable income after housing costs, £30k is a vastly different amount of wealth in different necks of wood


waiting for @anon80418723 to come in and nuke this thread


Oi, I’ll have you know it’s the City of Kings and Priests!

Not like you johnny come latelys in Brighton. Couldn’t be a city with the help of yr neighbours


You could have made a pilgrimage to my childhood home, you fuck!


I reckon everybody that’s posted in here should be able to earn their chosen amount on the proviso that they buy and send you a proportionate amount of bows per annum.


why do cities cost more money to live in?


Hey at least they are their own city and don’t need to buddy up with Hove or any of that shite!

Oh, like rich said…


But per person no one outside of London’s paying £900 are they?


isn’t it the city of a fuckton of very important bishops? trying to remember my history now


Yes they are


Maybe I should do a kickstarter so I can buy a walk-in bow wardrobe.


Oh, shame.


I think that’s what a one bed flat in Cambridge just about averages out at.


greater demand/competition between people all wanting to live there


Kings and all sorts


so it’s people being elitist making it expensive for everyone?


Yeah, even out in the sticks here you ain’t getting anything for less than that.


Walk-in wardbowbe. Doesn’t quite work but I’m sticking with it.


That’s where the jobs are