How much would you need to be paid to down an entire bottle of Sriracha?

And what do you think the after effects would be like?

I’m alright for money, cheers.

Reckon you’d get a headache and possibly nausea, based on what happened when someone dropped a flask of neat capsaicin in an old lab and they had to evacuate the floor.

Then obviously you’d shit out your spleen.

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Probably a tenner. I imagine you’d feel really bad and have the shits for an hour or so, would probably be fine after that.

Dunno what it is, but I’m nails so would probably do it for the kudos alone.

When the internet makes it to Leeds, you should use it to look this mysterious foodstuff up.

No need mate, already said I’ll do it.


not a joke, i will do it for this


honestly, 10 grand.

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Like srirancha, but would I fuck down a bottle of it.

5 grand or a night of passion with Stevie Nicks circa 1980.

…as long as the night of passion didn’t begin directly after downing the sauce, I imagine.

I’d probably hold off for a big tenner

I’ll go £9


Pretty sure you could literally die from this