How much would you pay for a bed?

In London at the moment (well, East Sheen), staying at my aunt’s as I took the gf to see The Book of Mormon yesterday. Very good.

Anyway, just at the end of my aunt’s road, a bed shop.

How rich do you reckon you have to be for this to even be a consideration? I think the most I’d pay for a bed and mattress is… £400? If I was super rich, maybe a grand.

Don’t have a clue how much a bed costs, never bought one. I imagine them to be well expensive.

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Beds are inexpensive really, mattresses cost a fucking fortune


Current bed setup was £320 #allin (bed, mattress, weird metal bar thing and slats) from IKEA and it’s great. So I’d probably need a really good reason to spend more than that.

You spend a lot of time in bed. While I doubt anyone on here is looking to spend £20k on a bed, it’s not unreasonable to look to spend a lot on something that’s important and will last you a long time.

Our bed and mattress was about £3k all in. Hopefully will last us a long time

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£650 on the mattress and £350 on the frame, apparently. Although this frame is shite, but 'er indoors got a good one for about the same price so it’s definitely doable.

Was aware of £20k beds because I’ve given pro bono IP advice to someone who makes mattresses for high end hotel clients. Seems nuts to me but what do I know.

Never thought about it. However much the bed and mattress I want costs I guess. Imagine a mattress is in the £600 region and the bed frame could be £200-£400 depending on what I was after.

Spent £1200 last time. Would be prepared to spend a bit more. Mattress should last you 8 years.

i think less probably, but it was this kind of ballpark

1/3rd of your life in the fucker, you want a decent one

I’d gladly spend well over £1k.
Beds are important!

Probably wouldn’t have spent that much if it was purely my call but 'er indoors had Opinions about mattresses so I followed her lead.

It’s a very comfy mattress tbhtbf.

If one day I have a house that has a big enough bedroom, I’m definitely getting a California king bed. I’ve slept in one for one night and it was amazing.

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I would not pay that much.

When I move out of this rented flat I am going to spend a small fortune on a mattress because it’s probably the most important thing in your house isn’t it?


Don’t get it. What’s more important than a bed?

Doors to get in and out of the house.

Why are you being so awkward

don’t need doors to do that

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whats the point of getting in the house if you dont have a mattress


Dunno, was born like this.