How much would you sell your naming rights for?


And would you have any lines in the sand about sponsors you would not accept a naming rights bid from?


I like my name, wouldn’t sell out TO THE MAN.


official tractor of profk.


£2.5m for a year’s worth of being called “Betfair Presents SenorDingDong” you’re turning that down?


My what?


Willing to take a sponsor in that bit next to my user name.


Your naming rights


£100k a year for anything that couldn’t get me arrested


He doesn’t understand shit like that


the ambulance service still haven’t fucking paid me for their sponsorship of my user title.


Every single one of us has something that is beyond our understanding


Ant how much would you need to have

UKIP Endorsee [your name]


For how long?


Annual renewal


would probably do it for free since associating my name with the party would probably drive potential UKIP voters away.


I reckon I’d do that for £750,000 on the proviso that the annual period is not one in which I’m going to need any formal ID documents made


^ shy UKIP


Actually if it’s for my username on here I’d accept literally anything, because I don’t care for it. I’m especially amenable to Big Tobacco.

Real name though, no.


No, it’s for your real name


Can I change my name first?

UKIP Endorsee Jeff Paedogeddon