How much would you spend/have you spent on a sofa?

WARNING: if you are living on benefits or a low income this thread might be considered distasteful. None of the below is me complaining or seeking sympathy or anything like that, but I will be exploring some of the psychological issues about becoming, basically speaking, rich.

Currently having a bit of an existential crisis due to choosing a sofa. Most I’ve spent on a sofa in my life is about £40 off gumtree - otherwise have always had hand me downs or lived in furnished places.

Over the last 12 months our household income has become quite significantly higher than anything I have ever really experienced. This is great obviously. I can’t claim not to have had any privilege in my life beforehand, but money worries have been for long parts of my life very stressful and I mainly move in social circles where this is common.

But having taken advantage of lower house prices in the colonies and spending quite a bit of money knocking walls down etc in our new flat, we’re getting rid of my father-in-laws 20 year old sofa and buying one new for the first time ever. We started in IKEA and really didn’t like what we found, so have gradually worked our way up through DFS and SCS to Sofa Workshop, Sofology and even tiptoed onto the Habitat website. Once you’ve seen a £3,000 sofa, and realised you could probably afford it, on finance at least, it’s hard to go back to the £500 one and feel satisfied. But I just can’t, can’t fathom spending that much. It would fill me with guilt and to be completely honest embarrassment if it ever came up in conversation. But then you start looking at the £1,800 sofa and thinking, “yeah that’s reasonable enough”. But it really isn’t is it.

These sofas aren’t event that great to be honest. I don’t want anything fancy, just a nice looking sofa that is really really comfy.

So, how much would you spend/have you spent on a sofa?

And if you’ve bought one recently, what did you get?

Used to buy sofas for work for an old job. The £3000 one will last you way longer and be much more comfortable. The padding on cheaper sofas isn’t as good and wears out faster. You will def notice a big difference in comfort.

£2-3k for a really good sofa that will last years and years sounds about right to me.

£500 on a John Lewis “Portia” about 5 years ago?

Breathes sigh of relief.

Our was 3k and is fucking AMAZING. Looking to get 25 years out of it.


Like when you divide the price by how many years you’ll use it, it prob works out the same as the £500 sofa will wear out faster.


£50 off gumtree

nothing against ikea, but i hate ikea sofas

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Most you’ve ever spent on a sofa:

  • £0-£100
  • £100-£500
  • £500-£1,000
  • £1,000-£2,000
  • over £2,000

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iirc your only option is remortgaging your house to fly in a handmade vintage masterpiece because otherwise it’s just not worth doing at all

Most you think you’ll ever spend on a sofa (in today’s money):

  • £0-£100
  • £100-£500
  • £500-£1,000
  • £1,000-£2,000
  • over £2,000

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Never bought a sofa, not a tory


funnily enough I was walking past bo concept today wondering what kind of people shop there. who’s spending £10k on a chair? or fucking £8k on a coat stand

Buying a new one early in the new year.

Watching this thread with interest.

£3k??? Wow. I mean, I guess why not for something that you use everyday, but it seems like a LOT for some reason.

Just bought one for £750, it’s not arrived yet

^settee fella

what did you go for?

£415 on a sofa bed with storage from IKEA

bc it fucking is


Some number off of made, a Sullivan or Brady perhaps