How much would you spend/have you spent on a sofa?


Got a sofa the size of an elephant in a BHS sale for £50. Does the job. Reclines and shit. I’d love to get myself a nice broken in chesterfield thiugh. A deep red one.

Bit of a longer article on it here:

Fair. What I should have said it’s rare to find one in your £500+ range. They’re all reasonable in terms of comfort, I think.

That said I find Klippan’s absolutely unbearable to sit on for more than 5 minutes so fair to say we probably have different ways of taking a sofa on, so to speak.


I find many sofas to be too high, and/or too deep, and/or too ‘collapsy’.

Yeah it’s that low back/side combo on the Klippan that does for me. Simply cannot get comfy on it.

For me there are far too few sofas of adequate depth (if we’re taking depth to mean front to back). I want to sit right on, almost in, the sofa, not perched on top or on the edge of one.

Just got the cushions through yesterday, so this is all done now. Really pleased with how it’s turned out.

I had to do some splicing and filling (the previous owners had just nailed the old webbing into the underside of the sofa), the sanding and Danish Oil took a couple of days, and the rewebbing needed a bit of brute force to do, but there was nothing too complicated in there.


I’ve never spent any money on a sofa

looks great that, love the colour too.

Thank you. Yeah, nice and bold.

We bought 2 x two seater sofas for about £300 each I think.

It would’ve been cheaper to get a 3-seater and a 2-seater because they had an offer on, as the salesman kept telling us. That combination wouldn’t have fit though, which was a concept the salesman was struggling to get in his head - But it works out cheaper!

Very nice! Who did the cushions? I was looking on eBay at Ercol couches a while ago and noticed lots of sellers that offer to do it. Looked pretty good from the photos.

Mail order from SafeFoam. Because they’re loose cushions and they’re a well-known piece of furniture, they can make them up in bulk and then post them through.

They sell overstock on ebay too, for a bit less than we paid, but we didn’t like any of the colours they had on there at the time.

I need to sand down and refinish my coffee table from that same furniture set when I return to the UK. The original finish is looking a bit sad in places.

My dad has the dining set and sideboard too. I guess one day I’ll have them.

i’ve got this ahead of me now. 2 seater super cheap from facebook marketplace, covered in thick, dark varnish which i think is gonna take forever to get off. webbing looks alright but cushions are knackered faded and smell bad.

i was thinking of going to a haberdasher and asking them to do me some foam and i’ll find my own fabric for them to put on? not sure if that’s cheaper than doing the online route or not? but i guess i’ll see.

oh whoops. that’s a big bump. i just remembered you’d redone an ercol day bed.

If you know the make/model of your sofa, you might be able to find some excess stock being sold (eg SafeFoam have a selection on their website), which is cheaper than ordering bespoke cushions.

If you have a sewing machine and know how to put the cushions together yourself though, that’ll definitely be cheaper.

The varnish might be lacquer, so be careful how you sand it down.

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hmm yeah could be lacquer. it’s pretty solid

Wow this is really old.

For the record I am now a Karlstad IKEA sofa man not a Klippan. The covers wash better although doing the arms is a pain in the arse as you have to take it to pieces.