How much would you spend/have you spent on a sofa?

Remember bamos’ £500 beanbag?

aye, they’re rubbish. saw some good chairs that we might go back for though

ah made. good shout

I’ve never actually paid for a sofa myself although I’ve owned four. The first two were hand-me downs from my old family home. The two we currently have were both about £700-£800 but were paid for by our parents as housewarming presents. They’re going to last us a long time. I have no idea how a sofa can cost £3K unless it’s made of spider silk or is about ten foot long.

If you’ve got the dollar and want something just buy it. You could die in a few weeks after being uncomfortable sitting on a shit soga

Should’ve bought a single armchair for you both to sit in.

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I spent £750 on a 4 seater L-shaped with fold out double sofa bed from here: and it’s really comfortable and about half the price of something similar from other places.

Some of Made’s stuff is good, and some is utter shite. My mum bought a terrible sofa bed from them and ended up giving it away 6 months later because it was both really uncomfortable and started looking scruffy so quickly she felt she couldn’t sell it.

professional sofa buyer recommendations?

I bought a sofa for my place a while back having no idea about sofas at all, so did what I thought was thorough research and learned from mistakes. Hear are some of the things I found out:

Measure all door ways, corridors and stairways into the area the sofa will be going. More relevant when living in a flat. I only measured my flat front door and corridor not the communal stairway.

Check the filling of the cushions and if covers are removable.
Cheaper sofas tend to only have foam filling that can misshape, there covers also are not always removable or of lower quality material on the unseen parts.

They usually take 6 weeks to make and deliver! Also the less expensive companies tend to be very inflexible with delivery and unhelpful once they have your mula.

There are some great sofas out there secondhand or in sales if you have transport and spend a couple of hundred.

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ITT: a bunch of people who think they’re too good to sit on pallets and beer crates.

ooh la dee dah, too good for the floor you prick?


the idea of a self assembly sofa gives me cause for concern. i take it you can’t go and sit on one before you order?

We thought we’d got the measuring doorways thing OK, but didn’t factor in the specific logistics of going through a doorway at the side of our hall. So our biggest sofa won’t leave the living room unless we have the window taken out. Again.

don’t think i’ve ever bought a sofa

our doorways are all fookin massive

smee will you lend me £449 please

you can pay about £50 for them to build it for you which is what I did as it looks mega complicated. Got a cheery eastern European fella, he came in knocked it all together in about half an hour - great lad.

Don’t know if they have a show room, the cushions are thick and comfy though.

I have a sensitive bottom.

They do say you can return it if it’s not comfortable.