How much

considering that i’ve not poo’d today and i’ve drank three cups of coffee, i’m surprisingly low on the scale. this could all change quite quickly, however.

^ Abandoned (evacuated?) Beatles lyrics

Ok guys @zxcvbnm I’ve just done one
it was a bit firmer than I would generally like but I’ll take it.
I think I’ve got more in me though so i’m going to rate as a 2 on the scale.


I am now at 2.

Weirdly enough all this thread is doing is making me want a coffee.


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It’s making me want a dump tbqh

I’m up to Def Con 4

Well unless you’re a hard as nails coffee drinker like @ericthefourth these things tend to go hand in hand (oh dear).

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Just had one. 8/10, probably be happy having that kind of poo for the rest of my life.

Im not immune at all, can usually pretty much guarantee a poo within an hour if my morning pot o’ coffee

couldn’t have been that great if you’re still at 8/10


Haha, okay. I was just going on what you had just said. Four coffees in… that’s pretty hardcore.

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I have done a couple today and I don’t think it’ll end there - hope I’m not getting ill because they weren’t ideal poos.

ohhh gotcha, yeah dunno why i misread that

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Back up to around a 7 I’d say.

Once you get to my age, you start settling.

Discarded dialogue from Twin Peaks s3.