How near do you think you are to a horse?

If you know approximately then please do not reply to this thread thank you.

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Less than a mile


Do those little horses count, or does it need to be a full sized one?


Any fuckin’ horse bredrin

Then I will not reply to this thread anymore

Surely the lads down at Whitehall are closer?

You’re closer to Knightsbridge and also Buckingham Palace, if you got your skates on I reckon you could have that down to 15. Always horses in Hyde Park too int there.

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Could be at a horse in 10 minutes, I reckon. Probably wouldn’t be allowed to touch it, though I could ask the riding school people. Could definitely look at one in re though.

Loads of horses around Buckingham palace and stuff.

Really good answer this - you’ve thought about it without knowing exactly what the answer is. Just what I was looking for.

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thighs are pretty close
mane, definitely not

big fan of sugar cubes too


Heeley City Farm, mile and a bit away, could get there in 10 mins I reckon

I don’t think anyone’s car is match of the day tbf

guy next to me has a horse cough

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No, a real one

The tourist horse and cart rides set off about 10 minute walk from here, so that’s the max.

But do I want to gamble and risk intercepting one while it’s en route?? That would be closer but by no means guaranteed

you ever ridden a horse?

  • yeah
  • nah

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you ever ridden a motorcycle?

  • yeah
  • nah

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I work next to a police horse… station?

You know, where all the police horses hang out.

So I’d say 10metres.
Although I’m on the 4th floor, so vertical distance would be greater.

Hope this helps.

just used this and it gave me 1 mile. i want pinpoint accuracy you prick