How near do you think you are to a horse?

If you know approximately then please do not reply to this thread thank you.

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Less than a mile


hmm. i’m in mayfair and therefore the nearest city farm is i think the brick lane one. So i could probably pet a horse in roughly 45 mins.

actually that’s quite a nice thought. i might do that.


Do those little horses count, or does it need to be a full sized one?

do you mean a baby horse (pony)?


Any fuckin’ horse bredrin

Then I will not reply to this thread anymore

Surely the lads down at Whitehall are closer?

You’re closer to Knightsbridge and also Buckingham Palace, if you got your skates on I reckon you could have that down to 15. Always horses in Hyde Park too int there.

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oh shit actually wait the police horses in green park!!!

Could be at a horse in 10 minutes, I reckon. Probably wouldn’t be allowed to touch it, though I could ask the riding school people. Could definitely look at one in re though.

Loads of horses around Buckingham palace and stuff.

Really good answer this - you’ve thought about it without knowing exactly what the answer is. Just what I was looking for.

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thighs are pretty close
mane, definitely not

big fan of sugar cubes too


it’s been good to take the advice of the community about potential other horse meet-ups too. really happy to be in this thread

horse chestnut?

clothes horse?

Heeley City Farm, mile and a bit away, could get there in 10 mins I reckon

there are usually some horses near the train station. could probably drive there in about 5 minutes but my car isn’t taxed or motd so Id have to break the law.

I don’t think anyone’s car is match of the day tbf