How observant are you?

I’m working with people who claim never to have seen a Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

Am I wrong to feel that this admission invalidates their opinions on everything for pretty much forever?

So, how observant are you?

  • I notice everything, me. If it’s there I’ll fucking see it.
  • I notice lots of things but I’m not superhuman I’ll obviously miss some stuff.
  • I imagine I notice an average amount of stuff, this shit’s hard to quantify (get off my back).
  • I notice less stuff and I like it that way
  • I notice less stuff and it gets me in trouble sometimes, but if you can’t handle me at my etc
  • I notice barely anything.

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I notice a subset of things in depth, but in general I miss lots of things which are actually important.


I won the Krypton Factor observation round eight years on the bounce.

irl or you watched it on tv and did better than the contestants?

(my name is) irl

I don’t believe you in the slightest

If you were more observant you would

What I’ve observed recently is about how around five per cent of people are currently wearing a shirt with the name Patagonia on it. Last month there were none and now they’re everywhere. Why?

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Because they speak Welsh in Patagonia, they must be Welsh (only thing I know about Patagonia and mention it everytime I see someone wearing an outfit with it written on.)

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A while ago one of my colleagues expressed their outrage that as a cost-cutting measure, management were proposing to get rid of the plants on our floor. My genuine response was “…there are plants on our floor?”

This is my current view


If I see someone wearing an item of Patagonia clothing, I don’t speak to them. I assume that they’re the kind of person that I wouldn’t want to know. Is that wrong of me?

In my defense, i) I didn’t work in this office at the time, and ii) plants are really fucking boring and not worthy of my attention anyway

I thought Patagonia was one of those brands that’s meaningless, like it isn’t a brand at all. Never thought of it as a brand to judge someone by like Supreme and Beats By Dre.

I look down on all people who sport logos or brand names on their clothing, unless the brand on the clothing is a band that I like (and the person actually knows its a band and likes them too).

Whilst I go out of my way to avoid my clothing being branded in a similar manner, judging other people for not doing the same is just ridiculous.

I exaggerate of course. But buying a sweatshirt that’s advertising a product across your chest seems a bit of an odd thing to pay for, in my mind.

I have been told I am too observant.
I’ll be like “that shop is new” and bf is like wtf never even noticed anything

Too observant? Blimey.

I don’t think you can be too observant. Unless your observing of minutiae somehow impacts on your ability to lead the life you want.

Patagonia waterproofs (waterprooves!) are really good if you ever see them significantly discounted (they are very expensive at rrp)