How odd would you find it if

a person you worked with in quite a small office of about…8 people, and had all worked together for about 4 years didn’t mention they were having a baby until they had a baby…and weren’t a woman…

  • That would be a bit odd, why wouldn’t they say anything?
  • Fine. We work together, we’re not going steady
  • I would feel weird, and hurt and cry
  • I couldn’t give less of a fuck

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I’d be pretty surprised if anyone who wasn’t a woman had a baby to be honest.


Yeah poll needs an “eternally grateful” option.


mentioned this before but a guy that i used to work with went away for a long weekend once out of the blue and came back wearing a wedding ring. didn’t say anything about it to anyone. no one even knew he had a partner.


I did that. But they knew I had a partner

I didn’t understand the question but I’m very easily bruised so I just went with that option.

that also seems… totally fine?

jfc: when you say they ‘weren’t a woman’ and they ‘had a baby’… what the wtf are you exactly saying…?

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I meant that they are a man, about to have a baby with their partner. A woman having a baby would be obvious because they were big and pregnant…or having surrogate or someshitshuttttuuuuuppppp

well within his rights or whatever, if you don’t want to talk to colleagues then fair play.

bit odd though, no? like it’s quite a big deal. you’d think you would at least mention it.


Someone in our football team mentioned his impending nuptials for the first time in response to the Friday roll call on the whatsapp group

This would be weird but I wouldn’t entirely be surprised as everyone I work with is weird.


This happened where I used to work. It’s an odd thing to do. I understand when a couple might not want to tell anyone if there are worries about the baby’s or mother’s health, but otherwise it’s a bit of a strange thing to do. The guy that did it where I worked was a bit of an oddball tbh

9 months is a long time to not mention a single thing about having a baby.
Like you do stuff don’t you? Buy shit and go to classes and stuff.

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quite a common ailment for keen footballers

can’t believe people are insisting that other people are weird for not telling them more about their personal lives





I’d be surprised - I found in the run-up to having a baby I was having to take off quite a bit of time for hospital appointments and so on, but I guess you can be very discrete about that. Are they not taking paternity leave though? Surely they’d have to arrange that in advance and people would know?

surely you’d be so excited you’d wanna tell everyone unless you’re dead inside?

He’s probably dead inside.

Alright, fine. I’ll mention I’m having a baby before it arrives. mumbles likeI’mgoingsteadywitheveryonearoundherejeez