How often are you finding an unwanted screenshot in your picture roll?

  • Every fucking day
  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • It has happened to me so I appreciate this thread
  • Never, shit thread/shit prick

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Finally worked out how to stop WhatsApp putting other people’s crap pics in my camera roll. Was a horror show before that.


Mine are mainly of DiS


yeah i should do this. always scared I’ll accidentally upload a picture of someone else’s baby to instagram

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I want some people’s but not others. It’s that a possibility?

Don’t think so

Set my phone up so I can double tap on the back to take a screenshot. Now take a screenshot every time I pick it up

It’s only camera roll (but I like it)


Fairly often. Come from a fairly rough spot and I’m friends with a lot of lads who went into the forces at 16. Tend to have group chat on mute. In an ideal world there’d be an open dialogue where people could be called out, but there isn’t. Don’t agree with them, still love a pint with them. Or at least I would if the pubs were open.

EDIT: Ah, this about unwanted screenshots as opposed to unwanted racist memes that WhatsApp their way into your phone.

In light of this new information, my answer is fucking hundreds.