How often do you buy new underwear?

most of my pants are pretty much falling apart, so it’s probably time to get another 10 pairs, wear them for 3 years solid, then buy 10 more.


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once a year probably.

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other than buying bin bags, it’s probably the dullest thing to spend money on

I was eyeing up some new bras last night actually. This’ll be the second time this year I’ve bought some new underwear.

The last three times I’ve bought new underwear it has been as a direct result of being in a shopping centre needing to kill time for something.

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But OMG, some new pants fresh out of the packaging! It feels pretty good. So there’s that.

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I admire your enthusiasm, I really do!

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Whenever daddy from grindr gets me something off my amazon wishlist for me to wear then post to him


Joke btw, I just tend to pick up a multipack of Calvins or Jack Wills about three times a year. Socks just plain black Primark ones yearly when doing my xmas shop - absolutely swimming in cycling socks from teams, sponsors, birthdays etc.


Personally, never.

As a Christmas stocking-filler, I get maybe 3 or 4 new pairs a year.

Ashamed but willing to say that my Mum buys me pants and socks every Christmas and this is more than regular enough to meet my needs.


I have actually recently replaced all of my underwear. Combination of the old ones falling apart and somehow mysteriously having become too small. Should do this more often really, new underwear feels great.

Threw out so many grundies before I moved. Need to get on some new’uns stat.

I’m very bad at sizing when it comes to buying pants, I currently have the same type of underwear from H&M in S, M and L and I rotate between them all regularly, no idea which of the three is the “right” size for me.

Have to take out a loan before I can buy a new bra so as infrequently as possible. Bras are fricking expensive man.

That would be the size that you find most comfortable

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Where do you buy them?

Yeah, I mean I guess the S is a bit snug, the L is a bit loose and the M is somewhere in the middle but I feel like all three of them “fit” you know?


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