How often do you buy new underwear?


Anywhere that stocks a size that fits and feel comfortable. The girls are picky. Frodo had an easier time with that ring than I do buying bras.


if ‘little ant’/‘big tone’ (delete as applicable) is peeking out the bottom then they’re too small.


Alright, Goldilocks.


But enough about condoms!


Big Ant and the Two Tones.

Old Blue Last, £5, use rear entrance.


Quite regularly, every other month or so.


I think it’s because I’m oddly shaped insofar as I’m very short and wear 30" trousers but I also have extremely powerful thighs and a whopping great dick paired with a tight little hiney.


basically just buy bras/nice stuff every January in the Bravissimo sale and then sometimes buy M&S no VPL bikini pants


Had to double check we weren’t in the online dating thread.


Whenever the holes are so big that I have to throw them away.


Bras I don’t buy that often because having the size breasts I have and the fussiness I also partake in, causes me to not be able to find great bras THAT often. I recently left one in a hotel so HAD to go buy some more. Did not enjoy it and the bras are shit. I have been known to just reorder the same bra in each colour every 6 months.

Knickers, I buy these quite regularly. I go through a lot of pants.


could do with a few more actually - always get the same ones from Howies as they are very comfy

They are out of stock of the size and colour I want though, so I guess I’ll just have to make do for a bit longer


Absolutely done me.


New bras whenever I’m near an m&s outlet, usually once or twice a year. Knickers every 6-8 weeks. I seem to ruin them pretty quickly with my periods and farts.


I think the pair of boxers I’m wearing are the newest I own, and they’re maybe a year old, or so? There are definitely a couple of pairs that should have been thrown away a while.

So yeah, maybe once a year.


you’re welcome


Madness innit. I got to get measured properly again and just an finding it so ething I have put off for, erm 8 years :blush:


Can still remember the first year I didn’t get any socks or pants on Christmas morning. Proper WTF moment.

Normally have to buy new boxers whenever I get to the changing rooms at work and realise I didn’t put any in my bag.


I’m 34 now so hoping I’m past the point of this possibility but fuck knows what I’ll do when she’s no longer with us.


“If I sit down in shorts, will my jumble chunks be on display?” Y / N buy new grundies.