How often do you buy new underwear?


I used to have (literally!!!) massive problems finding decent bras that I could afford as well, but luckily M&S now do the trick for me. Can get a bra that actually fits for like, £8. I don’t live in the UK anymore but basically stock up whenever I’m visiting. :cherries:


Being a woman who has been having regular periods for probably more than half of my life, I still don’t understand how underwear gets ruined by blood. Just stick 'em in the washing machine, surely?


Depends how much blood innit.


My gruds always give way under the ol’ scrotum after around 18 months. A good quality pair (M&S, Next, etc) must withstand around 75-80 wears as i normally buy six at a time and have them on a rough rotation bar Sundays.


what happens on sundays?


Quite like just stewing in the smells of my own nuts and anus.




both of my pairs of pants are in perfectly good shape and have been since 1997. I see no need to buy any others at present.


i’m guessing mine are in quite poor shape because the wife took it upon herself to buy me some new ones. feel like this marks a strange moment in our relationship.


you’ve clearly never bought sexy underwear :wink:


Pure poetry.


For the guys who like a snug, supportive fit, I highly recommend ‘punto blanco’ briefs. They’re the only brand I’ve worn for about 5 years and can take a hell of a beating. They’re spanish knock off giorgio Armani type briefs, and admittedly, I get them wholesale price at my aunt’s clothes shop, but think you can get em cheap at yer tk max type places in the uk.

Such a superior brief.


is there any such thing as sexy underwear for men?




better get yer skates on, mrs 4th




£94.87 plus shipping. absolute bargain.


I’ve never bought pants because my mum gets me some every birthday/Christmas

quite happy with this arrangement tbh


Still wear some that I’ve had since I was about 15

I must stress they are strictly ‘b team’ and are only worn for days I don’t leave the house or anything


Used to buy new pants on the reg as a student because I was too poor to do weekly washes and had enough clothes but not pants to get away with biweekly washes. So I just bought loads of socks and pants from primark