How often do you buy new underwear?


Might get some long jons


highly recommend them


My periods aren’t very regular and the flow is completely erratic. Idk I just don’t like wearing stained knickers ¯_(ツ)_/¯


yes kitschy. might give your aunt a visit and stock up.

I’d like to think we live in more enlightened times when a good brief is a respected form of underwear. might move to the continent just in case.


Briefs or boxer briefs are superb. Don’t get the mr bean baggy shorts to bed obsession tbh.


baggy shorts are barely even underwear tbqh


Or even just spent money on toilet paper


Ooops, didn’t mean to assume that everyone’s is the same obvs.

…how old are you now?


I asked another recent mover to Aus what you do when you need to shop at M&S. Apparently there is no supermarket to achieve this but for clothes they ship from Singapore so I’ll be keeping my same socks/pants stuff sorted, I guess. Not sure how any British person can think of getting underwear from anywhere else, to be honest. :wink: :smiley:


This is absolutely Broken Britain where it’s cheaper to buy new stuff than to wash it :cry:





It being too expensive?

I am at the age now where I twnd to get a couple of M&S gift cards for Christmas/birthday which always sorts me for new bras.


Yeah I’m only thinking of pants to be honest. Bras seem to just exist in a special area of sexist pricing that’s off the hook


Was this a pun. I sniggered either way.


No, dammit!


Such a disgusting thread, what happened to a bit of decorum