How often do you carry X - a poll thread



  • Never
  • Only when I have a cold
  • Always

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  • Always
  • I think there’s one in my wallet, not sure
  • Never

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Medicines (non-prescription and not for chronic illnesses)

  • Always got some ibuprofen on me
  • Sometimes have a spare paracetamol or two
  • Never

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Carry plasters and ibuprofen and antiseptic wipes on a bike ride cos I’ve come off enough times to probably need them one day. In day-to-day life I definitely have ibuprofen cos of massive period pains, plasters maybe, tissues nope.


I don’t carry these things but I ensure that they are available to me both at home and at work


Define “medicines”




I carry a normal amount of no’s.



  • Yep
  • Maybe got some left over from 1994
  • It’s not 1994 anymore, grandad!

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  • Yes
  • No

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  • Pardon me good sir I am on the way to the apothecary
  • It’s not 1909

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on camping

  • Ooh matron
  • Titter ye not!
  • Wigs fell off

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a guitar without a case

  • hahaha nope.
  • Puff puff give.

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do your hankies have your initials on them?


I have two (2), one is plain white, one is blue/white tartan and both have “PRINCE OF NORTH LONDON” embroidered in gold


Few things as embarrassing as having to walk with a caseless guitar


we usually just blow our noses on discarded newspapers in SE.




I’m assuming it’s a football magazine


truth. makes me really feel odd just thinking about the concept

even better when it’s an electric one :smiley:


Got a lighter?

  • Course here you go m9
  • 50/50 chance shuffles
  • Oh no smoking is bad for you here’s a pamphlet

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or a bass