How often do you clean the car?


if you don’t have a car, you can talk about cleaning the bike, or your shoes. my threads are ALWAYS inclusive.

been about a year for me. put a bag of shopping down on the passenger seat yesterday and loads of dust flew up! there are quite a few cobwebs inside the car, too. reckon it’s about THAT TIME.

do you do it yourself? or take it to those guys who blitz the whole thing inside and out for £15?

no further questions at this point


Not often enough. I have a pressure washer bit it’s not really that effective - I might buy some of that detergent stuff you can put in with it to help it clean better.

Probably haven’t cleaned ours for about three or four months. It’s a state.


I’m not even on carbook


It’s been washed twice in the six or so months I’ve had it. Once by the Tesco hand car wash people, once by the body shop after they’d fixed the scratch some dozy cunt put on it in Birmingham.

I’d do it myself, but I need to park reasonably far from the house. Needs doing, though.


Had a 64 plate from new, never cleaned it myself. It’s been cleaned on a service though


Maybe 2-3 times a year?

Not enough, that’s for sure.


sorry. should have specified. please confirm whether it’s you cleaning the car of the polish lads

edit - I actually did specify this in the OP. as you were


Does this include taking it to the car wash?

Because I’ve taken it to that bastard twice THIS WEEK because I parked it under a tree and what seemed like an entire gaggle of swans shat all over it. Looked like some local hoodlum had lobbed a load of paint over it such was the coverage.


Do it myself cos I’m a tightwad, but only about once a year unless it gets particularly beshitten from being parked under a tree with a family of farting birds in it


Birdpoo snap


Get a new car every nine months so it is clean then. In the summer me and my boy do it every couple of months. In the winter months might get it done every three months. Inside is always clean, outside not so much.


car gets cleaned once or twice a year
bike gets cleaned once or twice a week


would you mind talking about this a bit please? do you just pay a little bit more for an upgrade? other q’s


The current piece of shit car gifted to us by TV’s mum? Haven’t cleaned it in a year.
My last car, a beautiful wonderful thing which I really shouldn’t have sold? Monthly, probably.


It’s complicated but I get car allowance and shit. If I spin it regularly I don’t have to pay for servicing or tax and can usually skip a payment as well if I play it right.


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Latka Gravas is a fictional character on the television sitcom Taxi portrayed by Andy Kaufman. A sweet-natured and lovable-but-goofy mechanic, Latka was based on a character Kaufman created known as Foreign Man.


You’ll always be my ‘foreign man’


my car - the dog mobile, hasn’t been cleaned outside since maybe december 15. inside it was cleaned out and gutted when we got the new car.
the new car - been washed twice since march, once by the local fire brigade as a charity thing, and once by a machine. the inside is hoovered and gutted every few weeks, as and when my daughter makes it messy.


Not cleaned it for a couple of months and its rather filthy, covered in water marks from the rain, paw prints on the bonnet from the neighbour’s cat along with the general grime that accrues over time. Inside - I clean the dashboard, steering wheel, etc, etc every week or two, but haven’t hoovered the footwells out for about 6 months.

Having its MOT done next Friday and the garage always do a valet on it, so that’ll do it until December when it starts getting covered in road salt.