How often do you correct people on small, irrelevant mistakes?

Someone at my work was explaining the concept of ‘jumping the shark’ and said it came from Baywatch. Now, I know that it’s from Happy Days, but I didn’t pull them up on this.

I’m more than happy for small, irrelevant mistakes to go by unpedanted. Are you?

Yeah, I’m pretty easy going regarding that kind of thing.


Never change, never apologise.

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Baywatch? Not sure I could let that slide.


he was only a hair’s breath away from being right, to be fair

Would’ve laughed in their face

I let all kinds of shit slide.

Talk a lot of shite myself, too.


Oh, all the time. It’s why I have no friends and will die alone.

In work I don’t let small shit slide, because I generally end up being right and small mistakes lead to lots more work needing done down the line. So if for example, my co-worker wanted to put a chain of 4 peadalo swans away with a swan like 17 on the front because he thinks it doesn’t matter I shut his shit down right away.

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I’m a pedant who likes to ruin everyone else’s fun. #noregrets


All the time, how else will people know that I know more than them


You want me to correct your grammar or spelling, you gotta pay me.

*You’ve got to

I will ignore your invoice, and you’ll have to take me to court to get that 5p.

Usually let stuff slide but I’ll go to town on a badly-drafted document if it’s for work purposes. I am a translator though

In fairness they’ve almost certainly jumped a shark in an episode of Baywatch. It probably happens every episode.

In answer to your question never, if anything I perpetuate misinformation and ambiguity because life is pain.

Had an awkward moment at work recently where my coworker, who is lovely but a bit fragile and has low self confidence partly due to her being bad at spelling, made some price stickers to go on books. One of these books was about spelling and grammar and she’d misspelt ‘grammar’ on the stickers for it. I didn’t want to make her feel bad but also thought the subject matter warranted correct spelling, so when I thought she’d gone for tea, I made some new ones with the right spelling so there was no bad feeling. Obviously she hadn’t gone for tea and came over to ask if she’d done the stickers wrong when she saw me making new ones. Felt terrible about it :frowning:



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