How often do you dream of walking up a hill

except you can’t just walk up a hill normally, you have to either turn around and walk up it backwards or put your palms on the ground and walk up it on all fours. I dream this so often and not once have I thought “oh you’re struggling to walk up a hill again, you must be dreaming”.

95% of my dreams consist of: I’m on my own back in my hometown cycling to all of its remote corners and down backalleys and places from my childhood and there’s a vague sense of danger, I can’t walk up hills and I’ve not even started a huge piece of coursework that’s due soon, it should be about 6 months worth of work but I haven’t even been to any of the classes. Thanks.


Every night

I always dream I’m back at my student jobs

alright kate bush


Literally never


My recurring dreams are climbing down a hill that gets progressively steeper until it’s a cliff that never ends, and having to climb down a never ending tree. Fucking hate it.

Frequently, but as a runner, it’s normally in the middle of a race. Often there is a conveniently placed rope that I can haul myself along.

This also always happens after I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying, in vain. to put shoes and socks on and nearly missing the start of the race.

I dont know if ive ever dreamt of walking up a hill.