How often do you drink straight out of the taps in your house

This much
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • On my birthday
  • Never

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Thanks guys

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Water fountains in school are proper weird when you think about them


Was gonna start a thread about this. Drinking straight from the taps is lovely and reminds me of being a kid. Also, going up the stairs on all 4s sometimes as a treat


Love shoving my head under a running tap on a hot day.


I used to always drink tap water when in the UK but the water here in France is visibly cloudy so now only from the filter.

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Water tap
Water tap
Water tap
Water a might fine tap
Gotta say it again now

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As in without a glass or anything, mouth straight to the spout? I said monthly for that, usually waking up in the night very thirsty and cba to find a glass.

If you just meant vs bottled water then we got some real fancy posters on this here forum.

Alright, Mr Nestle

never drink tap water because its undrinkable here. tastes like bleach.

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Can’t remember the last time I did this? There’s usually a glass within reaching distance of the tap

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I love a water fountain - though less so in post covid times. One of the things America (or at least Florida) gets right is the prevalence of water fountains in public spaces.

I voted thinking you meant water from the tap and into a vessel and then into mouth, i.e not using a filter. Not directly from tap to mouth. Please clarify this.

No I do mean spout to mouth. Sans cup.


Spout-to-mouth (direct)

I’ve changed my vote, thanks.

Daily vs Never is really showing up who the Brexiteers on here were isn’t it

Why the everloving fuck would you drink straight from the tap like a cartoon hound? Use a glass or cup you savages.


It’s easy, fun, and makes me feel like a cartoon hound