How often do you exfoliate?




  • Daily
  • Regularly - more than once a week
  • Weekly
  • Occaisonally - Every Couple of Weeks
  • Monthly
  • Sporadically - 6-12 times per year
  • Rarely - 1-5 times per year
  • Never and I have crocodilian skin
  • Never and my skin is baby soft and I am also a liar

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Exfoliating’s using one of them kinda abrasive face scrub things right?


I’ve put daily just because i always use one of those facewashes with bits in. That counts right?


Pretty sure the main reason I have wonderful skin and look like a 12 year old is that I don’t smear a load of expensive shit into it every day


I was actually thinking more in terms of places on the body than face at point of creation, but will allow face. I only exfoliate my face when shaving really, so 2-3 times a week.


Doesn’t have to be expensive pal. I make my own.


You do have wonderful skin though, well done.


couple times a week. any more than that and you’re just tearing your face to shreds

edit| - oh, body too eh


Closest I get is using a shower lily. Got some rough skin on my upper arms but this helps.


those little plastic bits that destroy the oceans and all the beautiful creatures that live in them? cool!


He’s got a point there,

please use natural scrubs and not things with microbeads in <3


I use a fairly abrasive flannel on my face maybe every other day. I’m counting that.


Do I really need to bring up the geography teacher of a girl I once had a thing with?


I use a loofah on my back when I shower. That’s about it, I think.

The skin on my face is much better since I stopped shaving and using stuff on my face.


it’s body shop, m8. the mrs gets it because it’s environment friendly, i’m told.



there was no option for having exfoliated a few times in your life (and enjoyed it)




I do my chest every now and again. get a few nasty spots on there. not spots though, those other things


I knew I missed something.


I believe ya, dude!