How often do you have something in your [orifice]?

Ears This is the biggie for me - I sleep with ear plugs in as I’m a v. light sleeper, I’ll more often than not have earphones in at the office, usually as more of a conversation deterrent than anything else. Maybe up to 18 hours a day on a weekday my ears will have something in them

Mouth now, I’m not much of a snacker, I’ll usually only eat meals, with the occasional Twix. Maybe 45 minutes to 1 hour a day I’ll have something in my mouth

Nose, not often. Sometimes absent mindly pick when I’m reading in bed? 20 minutes a day

willy i dont like things in my willy 0 minutes

bum maybe this averages out at about 1 minute a day, i don’t really now. Not counting poos going out here


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Made it a bit early this week, well done team


Very good stuff


This thread wasn’t supposed to be weird. You Have all made it weird

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struggling not to ask a lot of questions i do not want to know the answer to


Great thread


Is it about twixes/twixi?

also this has done me for some reason?

I genuinely thought so

ears - (over ear) headphones on about 8-10 hours a day, earbuds in while i sleep so approx 16 hours a day ear action

mouth - 3 meals, one snack at 4pm. Lots of coffee, but i’d say an hour is a fair estimate. sometimes i like to hold a plectrum between my teeth while i’m thinking.

nose - 1 min per day

willy - no comment!

bum - no comment!!!11

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Thank you for participating correctly

no, it’s about what is in your bum for 1 minute a day

i want to write a lot of blurred things but I AM GOING TO STOP MYSELF YES I AM!!!

I hate this thread

Why? Are you grouchy because of your scorched penis?

Could I ask a probing question?


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Cannot imagine a life like this

4pm double snacker eh? I hear ya

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