How often do you impose your will on others


how often do you do that


rarely, can’t even ask people to pay me back money they owe me


Hmmm instead of imposing I’ll just keep asking/being annoying, basically I’m homer


I don’t think people would let me, even if I ever really did this.

like, we were walking that puppy I posted pics of in the Dogs thread, my sister, my niece and I, and my niece was running off with the puppy. I kept telling her to be careful, but she just told me to talk to her mum about it. she is 5.


My will is objective truth so no need to really


I get that kind of sass off our daughter constantly, and she is only three. I am a total wet noodle when it comes to this kind of thing - I doubt my own decision-making so badly that imposing it on someone else just feels, frankly, a bit nuts.