How often do you leave the house, realise you've forgotten something, then go back in to get it?


probably about 35/40% of the time for me. mostly forgetting my shades or ipod innit

please contribute


Never. I am fucking exceptional at not forgetting things that I need to have with me.


I go in and out of the flat at least twice every time for fear of leaving of a plug on, the hob on, forgetting something. It’s very annoying.


Weird, I was thinking of starting a similar thread except mine was going to ask about what you say to your spouse or whoever you live with when you go back in. Do you do a whole, hello and goodbye thing again or what? Only applies if you live with someone.


bold claim! i reckon you’ve done yourself a bit here tbqfhumble


Maybe 2% of the time, if that.

I did have to walk all the way back from my car to my desk this week because I left my new company credit card on my desk and I needed it the next day. That was annoying, it’s a reasonable walk.


As long as I have my phone,keys,wallet and child I’m good to go. Haven’t forgotten my phone yet!!11 hahaha


No way, I’m superb at it, I have a pocket check system for keys, wallet and phone that never lets me down and I’m a little bit obsessive about ensuring other one-off things I might need with me are in the best possible position for me to not be able to miss them in advance of me leaving.

Genuinely can’t remember the last time I forgot something when leaving the house, I might even go as far as saying I’ve never done it.


Rarely. Someone I work with drove three hours to a conference only to realise they’d forgotten their suit tousers. They got some from the hotel’s lost property in the end! We nicknamed him ‘Wallace’ (for wearing The Wrong Trousers) and I am delighted to inform you all that it stuck :slight_smile:




so much this. anxiety :smiley:

we went to a festival a few years ago and in my mad panic to check the flat over before we left, i accidentally unplugged the freezer. that wasn’t a very good monday.

also, my beloved is quite a fan of a scented candle, so every time we leave the house i feel i have to check that we haven’t any left any going, which irks her something rotten.

  • Spectacles
  • Testicles
  • Wallet
  • Watch


When I left the house earlier I’d forgotten to lock the back door, so I had to go back and lock it.

Generally, I’d say maybe 10% of the time.


All the damn time.

It always reminds me of Neil Maskell in that TV version of the Great Train Robbery from a couple of years ago. The robbers are watching a bloke leave a farm and are about to move in when Maskell goes “What if he comes back?..Blokes…sometimes they come back.”


beat me to it!


me - never

TV - all the time

Just this morning we were walking to the station when she remembered she had forgotten her lunch… then remembered her purse was in the same bag and needed it.

I casually strolled to the station whilst she legged it home then to the station.

Equality and all that.


This sounds familiar


Like with something plugged in. Such as hair straighteners or a charger.


I’d like to raise this to how often do you leave the house, THINK you’ve forgotten something, then go back to get it and realise you actually had it all along. Quite often, usually for headphones.


oh right. charger’ll be OK though

I often leave the dehumidifier running all day, laptop/tablet plugged in when I’m out, but yeah, I’m a fucking maverick