How often do you leave the house, realise you've forgotten something, then go back in to get it?

Haha, yeah I used to as well. But then I started to get the fear and now I can’t. My mum is friends with someone who teaches fire safety so I heard a lot about that and apparently it’s bad to leave your charger plugged in.

Another one is the washing machine… leaving that on when I’m out concerns me a bit. My aunties house burnt down because of her washing machine.

All the time. I used to be really good for not doing it, but it’s something that starts happening as you get older.

I live with friends and it’s prime fodder for extremely weak bants

jeeeeesus! yeah, that ain’t good. never leave the machine on when I’m out for the day. not because I’m concerned about a fire - more so that I am completely anal about taking the washing out once the spin finishes and hanging it out immediately. creases n all innit

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When leaving my desk for lunch I’ll probably realise I have forgotten something before I’m out of the building about 15% of the time.

At home the only thing I forget is the wean’s dummy when I’ll then ring the buzzer to our flat at the front door and get my wife to drop it down the central stairwell from the 3rd floor and try to catch it in my mouth. Only managed it once but it got a pretty spectacular reaction from the baby.


“you’re home soon LOL” or similar

alright David Cameron

(srsly how did no one else make this joke)