How often do you look at your own reflection when out and about?

All the time for me, Clive. Like a tinted car window, although find the window of a tube carriage to be especially unflattering. I am incredibly vain.

As little as physically possible.


Every available opportunity. Switch from thinking “yeah, not bad today” to “KILL IT WITH FIRE” every twenty seconds or so.


oh god, all the time. Wild mane of hair that has a tendency to stick up like tintin at the front if I don’t keep it in check.

Plus I like checking myself out.

(Actually I don’t so much these days) :sob::rofl:

Evidently not enough. Just noticed I’ve got peanut butter all over my face. I ate like two hours ago :thinking:


Suffering from mild eisoptrophobia, basically…never?

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Went through a phase of hating myself so much during my pubescent teen years that I could only stomach to look at my distorted reflection on the surface of a bathroom tap.

Met an old fellow at a folk festival years ago who claimed they hadn’t seen themselves in twenty years - no reflections, no photographs. He claimed to have killed his ego.


in shiny cabbies and shop windows all the time but only on my bicycle

Quite regularly. Mainly to try to gauge the size of my manbreasts compared to other men of roughly the same age (mid-twenties).

I hate trying to style my hair in the mirrors in public toilets when there are other people around. I want to fix my hair which never stays in shape (unless I have a lot of product in it), but I just feel really uncomfortable doing it around other people for some reason, as though it’s a sign I must be vain or something.

fairly often, don’t mind the way I look in real life. I hate looking at myself in photographs though. I’m not sure why there’s such a big difference. something to do with fluidity and motion vs it being a static moment?

anyone want to psychoanalyse me

i’m drawn to all moving images though

Phone cameras are the absolute worst, which is what I imagine most of our social media photos come from (except me as I don’t really hang out with people who take photos). But the lenses are always of the crappest quality so they’re not a good reflection of reality.

Pretty much this. Try to avoid. Those concave tube mirrors are the worst. Always catch me off guard and make me go “Woaaahhhhh, I got a big nose”.

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One thing I don’t get is why do so many young people these days look as though they have their own professional hair and clothes stylists? Or is it just me?

Very true. Worth Googling ‘focal length comparison’ to see how different different lenses make your face look.

Never. Hate it. I know what i look like, let me look at other stuff yeah?


Mate have you seen what young people are wearing? They look like shit.

Is it just me or do they all look super preppy? I find it unbearable.