How often do you look at your own reflection when out and about?

All the students round here are dressed like characters from 90’s nickelodeon sitcoms. Not seen anyone dressing especially preppy.

every chance i get

Well I live in a small university town in the South East and given how some people here dress it feels like the 20th century never even happened.

I wouldn’t worry about it mate.

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Second part reads like an excerpt of a WG Sebald book

hate when you’re staring in the window of a parked car to check yourself out and then you realise there’s someone sitting in there


Especially hate certain shop changing cubicles with mirrors allowing me to see me at angles I don’t normally get to see. It aint pretty.

Also judging from the way you all bundle into selfie threads you all love yourselves so shut up.

Generally out and about: not much - especially since I went bald and now reckon my forehead looks massive.

On a bike: on Sunday I nearly missed the lights going green while stopped and checking myself out in a shop window (bike takes a lot of credit here though).

I prefer seeing myself in a shop window than in a proper mirror, to be fair.

Yeah. Floor mirrors are a bit much.