How often do you shower? [AUDIT]


I used to shower every other day, but apparently that’s disgusting? Who knew? I try and wash my hair as little as possible though, don’t wanna kill it.


Every day


Twice a day


How is this not a poll?


Depends. If I go on a night out or do something physical or end up sweating loads, then usually just after that.
But on a normal basis every other day is perfect, I find.




@Steved to thread

5-6 for me


Daily, plus an additional one after exercise. Probably about 10 a week


Two and a bath, usually.

One at home, one at work after I’ve cycled home. Probably a bath when I get in to unwind.

Sorry, environment.


Wasn’t there a daily mail* headline a few months ago along the lines of “a shocking 4 out of 5 women don’t shower daily”? that can’t have come as much of a shock to 80% of women

*disclaimer: i don’t read the daily mail


Every morning, sometimes in the evening if I’ve been doing something particularly sweaty.


I find it kinda obsessive how much some people shower. Honestly 3/4 times a week is absloutly fine, more the once a day seems just obsessive. Even less if you use a bidet to clean your genitals and clean your feet. Showering daily I think is fairly recent thing and one really based on trying to fit into norms.

The exception is when you have been exercising or (if like me) you are prone to greasy smelly hair.


do Ohio showers count?


Is this a euphemism?


No offence, but I find anyone who doesn’t shower at least three times a morning and twice in the period of time between 5pm and 6.30pm, frankly, a disgusting mess.


Yes, but not a dirty one.

a CLEAN one !!!1


Just googled it! I get ya.

What about a Paisley Shower? can of lynx


Think they only count north of the border.

I shower once a week. Here’s why you should too


Anyone who doesn’t shower daily must either have some incredibly involved arse wiping and penis/minge dunking routine that’s more hassle than just jumping in the shower in the first place, or has a honking crotch area.

Maybe some people like that, I don’t know.


I have the greasiest hair, like I can stand it on end after skipping a shower. I’ve tried not washing it to see if evened out, stank so badly I just couldn’t.