How often do you sit and think, and how often do you just sit?


Sometimes, for me.

Was thinking just now while I was sitting and thinking about how the majority of people on trains seem to be doing something to pass the time. Reading a book, watching tv on their iPad, etc.

I’m usually doing something too, but I take great pleasure in just sitting and daydreaming, or sitting and switching my mind off for a bit. I’d say I maybe sit and think for about 45 minutes a day, which seems very short, but also a bit of a waste in the grand scheme of a day.

How much of your day is spent ‘doing stuff’?


on the train I have music on but i am mostly just thinking (or sleeping)


I try to have short periods of mindful meditation


Lots of people don’t like their own company do they, so have to permanently be doing something. Others like to give their brain a rest. I’ve gone from mainly doing the latter to pretty much exclusively doing the former, partly down to stress, partly down to phones probably.


A lot of people I know have vouched for this and I think I’d like to give it a go. I struggle to get my head around the difference between ‘mindfulness’ and actual ‘meditation’ though?


mindfulness can be a form of meditation, and you can practice it while doing other things e.g. walking, eating, breathing etc.

it’s basically about being in the moment, dispassionately allowing your body to feel how it feels, becoming aware of it, being aware of where your thoughts are wandering to and kinda allowing yourself to just park your worries for a bit. it requires quite a bit of effort. you shouldn’t find it particularly relaxing but it will hopefully clear your mind and get you out of autopilot mode.


very nicely described :slight_smile:


It me


I have to be doing something. I can’t do mindfulness in the sitting and being in the moment sense. I do get what I imagine to be the same result thanks to hobbies that engage me in a way where I can’t (and therefore don’t) think about stuff that makes me anxious or stressed.


I’m sitting right now!


Alright, Courtney Barnett.


Sorry to anyone who enjoys just having a good ole stare, but I hate, HATE sitting next to a starer on trains.


Better than sitting opposite them.


literally just logged on to dis purely cos my brain found an empty nano-second where nothing was happening


don’t think it’s a waste at all tbh, in a severe case of “old man yells at cloud” i find myself despairing more and more at how it seems like everyone needs constant stimulation nowadays

think there’s definitely positives from setting aside even just 10 minutes each day to try and clear your head/be alone with your thoughts


often get on a long bus journey, take out my book and then find myself just sitting there staring out the window and thinking for a full 2 hours.

always feel like i’ve got quite an overactive inner monologue though, i very much live in my own head


i very much enjoy just sitting there and thinking, although it can feel like it’s coming at the expense of you making some progress in that book you’re reading, getting through that next episode of that podcast, doing that creative thing you’ve been putting off or whatever. but still feels wrong to call it a waste as its definitely good relaxation.

definitely doesn’t feel like a waste when you’re at work and know you’re being paid for it, even if you’re getting a bit behind on stuff you need to actually get done



Hi everyone, the title of this thread was a play on an album “Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit” by Courtney Barnett that I’ve maybe listened to twice before. Thank you all for noticing.