How often do you speak to your nearest relatives?

I try and see the folks every six weeks or so and speak to Ol’ Ma Ruffers at least once a week but lately I’ve been really shit with it and don’t think I’ve said owt for about 2 weeks, and now I feel like a bit of a prick. Is this too long?

Text my parents, sisters and brother at least once a week, see them maybe every other month or so.

See my Nan and Granddad once a year and the only uncle/cousin I have anything to do with at the same time.

talk to my parents maybe twice a week. grandparents once a week. sister about once a month.

Haven’t spoken to my Sister since, ooh, Christmas? :confused:
(edit: this isn’t especially unusual I love her and such but our relationship is a bit hmmm sometimes for various reasons)

Not very often at all, just too much hassle.

On the plus side, everything I say and do these days has a lot more gravitas because I’m on the opposite side of the world.

Makes a change from the previous thirty odd years.

I get on really well with my sisters tbf tends to be just normal organic chat regularly to not need a “how was your week?” type of deal, my brother is extremely erratic in his responses but I always text him on a Sunday even if he doesn’t get back to me.


Phone my parents once a week. Text them and my brother maybe a couple of times a week if something comes up.

See them every couple of months or so.

See my aunts, uncles and cousin couple of times a year.

Speak to parents every 7-10 days. See them and my brother and nephews roughly every 6 week when I go home for work purposes. If I tried wasn’t for that, I’d probably see them ~4 times a year (12 hour round trip to get home)

I hope to speak to my parents at least once a week, I definitely do with my Mum but my Dad is a bit harder to track down. Recently he’s been making an effort to ring me more though and it’s been really good, I was in desperate need of some Dad chat :heart: Haven’t seen either of them since Christmas though :cry:

I live with my parents at the moment because of the shitstorm that is my life. So I see them all the fucking time. My sister moved up near us too so I see her at least once a week.

It’s all a bit much.

Once a month at most, find it incredibly draining.

i speak to my mum once a week. Usually for at least an hour +. The other week I spoke to her for an hour and 40 minutes!
I also see her once a fortnight/3 weeks for dinner somewhere.
My dad I just see every so often when he can be arsed and he calls and texts but only about practical things.

My brother whatsapp’d me the other day and I was like waaaaaaah and I replied and he didn’t reply so that was that

Can I ask how old you are mr steve? I spent a year back with the folks after graduating university and despite them being lovely I basically had to start renting in my backwater hometown before I tried nuking the joint

I am 31. Yes, my life is as shit as it seems. It’s a temporary measure, but it’s been less temporary than I was hoping for. Need some $ - if anyone has any ideas.

I think DiS collectively agreed the most ethical and effective way of earning money is finding dvds in car boot sales and selling them for profit online.

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Speak to my mum about once a week - she is always the one who calls me, and I feel a bit bad about that, but I only remember I should be calling her when the landline rings (my mum is the only person who calls me on the landline)

Last spoke to my sister when we saw each other face to face at my Mum’s 70th last October. I wish we were closer and spoke more - no bad blood, we are both just equally rubbish at it and rely on our mum to pass on what we are doing to each other

It will be interesting to see how comms with my eldest daughter go when she leaves for Uni this year. Hope I can strike the right balance of keeping in touch vs being annoying vs not being in touch enough

See my folks every day, see my elder brother most weekdays but speak to him a couple of times a week. Speak to my younger brother more infrequently, but read a lot of his output in various politic threads on a cult music forum. Speak to my kids every day, see them at least four or five days a week.

I go to a gym in my home town once a week, and go into my parents house to see them when I’m over there. Will normally see at least one of my brothers as well each week, and we’re in a whatsapp group that we send messages on most days.

I call my parents about once a week, although they’re back in the old country at the moment so I haven’t talked to them in a few weeks. Only really speak to my brother and sister when I see them for family stuff which is a bit sad. We get on well but they’re much older than me so we’ve never had much of a close relationship. Guess the relationship is more like they’re older cousins and I don’t want to bother them as they’re really busy with work and their kids.

I see my in-laws way more as they live fairly close by and my sister-in-law is round the corner.