How often do you take photos of your daily experience?

Like if you have a coffee or take a walk in the park, do you go all Jimmy Olsen on it?

pretty much never. not really my thing maaan. probably missing out, but ho hum

Not unless I see something interesting. Last photo I took was of a cupcake I ate yesterday, to show someone how ridiculous it looked.

can’t be empty

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not often at all

Basically never

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Only if i intend to post it on here


Occasionally take pics of nice views and amusing signs. That’s about it…

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The camera on my phone is bum since I dropped it so take a lot less photos now. I’m married to a photographer so I probably take more photos now than I ever did. Blame @laefly for me taking pictures of food.

last one I took was of Christmas stock in Asda (two weeks ago)

No acting cool and aloof here penoids, don’t make me drag your instagrams into this. Honest answers please.

Too busy living my life m8s



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I rarely take photos. I took a photo the other day though when I was washing my chicken.


Ok that gets a pass.

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Maybe once or twice a week. The TV loves Snapchat so I occasionally use that to let her know what I’m up to. Not a fan of it but she enjoys it.

just checking my phone and the last picture I took was a royal mail receipt for a record that got squished in the post as proof of posting

great story

The previous photo to that was a couple of weeks ago when I saw something in a second hand shop that made me laugh.


Ever just like hanging out and then suddenly comes forth the camera for no good reason?
Weird isn’t it?

Depends how many likes I think it will get on Instagram.

the record was Frank Ocean Blonde, fwiw