How often do you take photos of your daily experience?

Rarely, although I took a load on holiday over the last couple of days.


I’m also a very unphotogenic man so tend to avoid photos most of the time

That’s not true for a second!

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Don’t know how I’m meant to hold my face for a camera. Fine with an unsolicited photo

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not gonna bother digging it out, but that popped collar cycling photo

wipes brow


i’d put this on me wall

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Aw! cool :smiley:

Had to double and triple check that i didn’t accidentally leave some close ups of my brace ridden gnashers in there. I take a lot of photos of the progress of that too :grimacing:

I’m the same tbh

Looks like neither of us will be Americas next top model after all

found this one of me, loaded up on pills with my atd, demonstrating how unphotogenic I am.

just such a terrible photo.


As you can imagine there are some gurning photos of me in existence that are truly unfit for public consumption


there are so many ‘edgy’ photos of me him around this time too.

just done myself when I found this.

Fao @profk


the world has gone loco, man.


wtf is that

You take that back!

Constantly. funny things, pretty things, weird things, interesting murals/graffiti, bangin outfits/make-up/hair, incredibly awkward/terrible conversations on Apterous (to send to my Countdown clique on Snapchat), hanging out with an absolute ledge, visiting a new place, interesting/pretty food. most of it is for a few people on Snapchat or my own personal enjoyment. Instagram is reserved for pretty/weird things only. so there are very few pics of me on it x

Only special occasions? That’s nice

woken up when skies are blue
I don’t mind the sight of you
Keep me company 'till she comes again

Almost never

Absolutely nothing interesting happens in my life ever