How often do you talk/text/msg/email your other half during the day?

Or at night time if you don’t live together.

Depends, innit?

Maybe twice a day, including letting them know when I’m leaving the office.

Usually at lunchtime out of boredom and then at home time to let her know I’m on my way.

She doesn’t have her phone on her at work so basically never.

quite a bit unless i’m busy/sat with a client. wife texts me quite a lot to tell me how annoying her colleagues are.


a wee bit mainly to discuss what time we’ll be home, remind each other what we’re doing in the evenings and to discuss dinner etc. Today we had the extra bonus of discussing what the plumber told me. Fun times.

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yeah this is pretty much me

Update: he is free tonight. WOO!! DATE NIGHT!!

she works in the say office as me so we basically chat on lync all day. its too much tbh, but now i work in a different dept i can pretend to be important and ignore her for a bit, and shes totally ok with it


Got someone here who likes a regular video chat with their partner at their desk. They live together so at most have gone like 5 hours without seeing each others face?

wife used to text me about dinner plans etc, but think she got bored of suggesting something and me just going ‘sounds good’. we only eat the same 5 meals on rotation anyway.

That’s mad.

EDIT: in my humble opinion :grimacing:


tbf your colleagues sound much worse than ‘annoying’

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They’re proper into when someone else pops their head into the background and has a wave

flick the V’s next time

Meal 1 - Burrito
Meal 2 - Burrito
Meal 3 - Burrito
Meal 4 - Pizza
Meal 5 - Burrito


1-4 times while at work depending on mutual boredom/frustration/busyness


Am I a proper weirdo for not being able to be around anyone for long periods of time? The other weekend I had to tell my friend to excuse me for being quiet for a bit because I wasn’t used to talking to someone for such an extended period of time. It is exhausting.

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why i oughta!!

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