How often do you think about 'Man of the Woods' by Justin Timberlake?

I think about it quite often

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Not really “of the woods” in that picture is he? More “woods adjacent” than anything.



at bon iver’s cabin

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probably or at least hopefully a lot more often from now on.

He really can commit and sell any weird shit can’t he?

I don’t think I was aware of it’s existence until now.

I thought about it exactly 10 days ago

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Probably 3 times since it came out. Although I was always impressed by the video La Blogothèque did (I’m a sucker for A Take Away Show and continuous shot things)

over 300 million views bloody hell.

Maintain he is the most embarrassing man in music but he gets away with itm

The end of the video to Pop is glorious

It’s been a while, I’ll be honest

Grandfather of the glade, papa of the prairie, son of the steppe

*Julian Timberlake

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Quite a bit tbh. Bit of a weird one eh?

Still got two classics under his belt so if he wants to Bon his tits off, let him have a go :woman_shrugging:

His 1st solo track was produced by Neptunes and Clipse featured on it. That is probably partly why he gets a pass.

Quite frequently because it is not shit.

It’s the worst of his albums mind, but still got a few bangers.

That’s a good song.

i was looking forward to it but found the promo stuff so silly that i only gave it like 1 listen