How often do you think about rainbows?

Only when you see them? When they are on the telly? On designs on clothes and things or children’s books? Do you think it is once a week? Every day? Something about Radiohead?

I reckon I think about them around 60 days a year.

On average

  • Every day
  • At least once a week
  • At least once a month
  • At least once a year
  • Less frequent

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I sometimes try and understand how they work but if the finest scientists on earth can’t figure it out.

Same as rain or the wind, no one will ever know where they come from.

  • I don’t know how rainbows work
  • I’m a stupid liar who poos his/her pants.

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I can get my head around wind coming from “over there” but when you are over there where did the wind come from?

That shrugging emoji thing

Make your fucking mind up @Balonz

60 days a year is 1 in 6. Your answer should be At least once a week.

Why would you lie about something like this!?

Duh, the sky

Yeah but sometimes I go three weeks without thinking about them and then think about them four days on the trot.

Average, AVERAGE

That’s what he drinks: Drano

There are many types of average, my edam eating friend.

And you’re all of them

(ooh snap)


Our physics teacher tried to tell us that rainbows were circular, and that if you saw one from a plane window you’d be able to see that.

Didn’t listen to another word he said after that, he was obviously unhinged.

Don’t be MEAN :wink:


It’s my standard MODE

what a fucking clown

no wonder this country is going to the dogs

Who is going to the pub tonight?

Me, Dee, Ian.

Thanks for stopping my reply from being the worst in this thread