How often do you wash your jeans

Got an oil stain after spilling some hummus on them earlier so this will be the last wear of these bad boys. However, I don’t have a regular system otherwise, very arbitrary. How do you make this decision?

I wash them when I get a visible stain on them such as oil from hummus.


This makes it sound as if now you’re not a uni student you don’t shower daily and piss yourself…?


Knew someone who claimed to never wash their jeans because they were self washing or something.

Biggest load of bollocks I’ve heard to this day


When they are visibly dirty.

This is supposed to be the case with the really expensive ones. Thirty quid jeans from Topman or wherever, probably not.

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After a couple of wears

Raw denim is sort of meant to be washed as infrequently as possible so it gets better with age and fades properly. Usually wash mine every 4-5 months, but I’ll scrub out any spills and air them if they need it.

Had a housemate once who used to put his in the freezer when they were in need of a wash - bit too far for me, that.

current pair are a year old and have been washed once, wear them 5+ times a week

Knew a Swedish guy who said “never wash your jeans or your hair, they’re both self-cleaning”.

Absolute toilet. Here’s me walking around with a head that doesn’t itch and jeans that don’t stink.

I wash my jeans every 2-3 weeks (when they start to smell a bit odd). I do wear them every day though. I used to have 3-4 pairs, but I am now poor.

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and I smell great thanks for asking

Depends on weather and how long I’m wearing them for. Always like to wash them after getting caught in bad rain

Not sure why I’ve done this.


i usually wash them if they get any marks or dirt on them, or probably after up to about 10 wears if they don’t get visibly dirty.

Every couple of months, but I only really wear them at weekends or on holidays.

when they start to smell a bit funny

Not even on jeansbook

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Don’t have any now because I ripped a hole in the crotch




Nah it’s cos I’m getting fat