how often do you wear socks?

i’ve started not wearing socks. they’re like bras for your toes - free 'em.

i like them when wearing shoes, but around the house socks are just things that hinder wind on the toe nails.

sock then, at it or past it

ok im not sure fine

I wear them every day


approximately once per day


The majority of the time I’m not in bed I’d say


I am too poor/house too cold not to wear socks.


I don’t think it would be fair to subject my housemate to my hairy hobbit feet, tbh.

Plus most of the house isn’t carpeted, so too cold to go barefoot in the winter.

when buy socks?

  • christmas, birthdays, valentines day
  • when i run out of toe covers (socks)

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I could probably make it through 4-5 days of the week without wearing them, it’s mostly all about barefoot and flip flops (I hate having to say flip flops).

Unless it’s very warm (>25 °C) socks should be worn.


From when I get dressed until when I go to sleep, every single damn day.


good solid sock fan

is this a strict rule and when they’re off they’re off?

percentages please

but how much do you spend on socks in your life

even in swimming pools?

I generally buy new socks / pants before going on holidays. Then you feel all special in your new underwear on your holiday

On what part of the body are we talking?

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I purchased socks on March 16th

very often indeed

I’m a strong believer in the concept that socks are the window to the foot


Oh, and if I don’t wear socks, my shoes REEK!

I’ve got a pair of mules, which look very cool, but need airing for a couple of days after every wear

Don’t be silly

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i think common convention is your feet when in normal mode, and hands when in puppet mode



what year?