how often do you wear socks?

Most of the time.

Quite enjoy wearing ridiculous socks with Birkenstocks sometimes.

Today’s socks:


Woah :heart_eyes:

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Read this in the voice of Heems from Das Racist

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I’ve got a side-question if you’ll allow it?

Very rarely but that because the average temperature is like 30C

Perhaps a new thread for this?

My socks have spring blossom on

Isn’t that nice?


Fuzzy socks always when I’m in the house, which matches my house uniform of sweatpants, jumper, fuzzy dressing gown and fuzzy socks.

Thin socks inside shoes for house leaving.

I will say that my fuzzy socks are loose enough that since the pandemic my feet seem to have totally relaxed and gotten wider from not being in shoes all the time. I’m happy for them. Time those guys kicked back a bit.

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I’d prefer to keep it in here I think if @escutcheon allows it

I wear socks every day, and I’m thinking I might get a bunch of new pairs to enjoy that new sock softness

open to sock-buying advice

Found plain black socks that fit me nicely and bought 30 of them (15 pairs, enough for two weeks plus one spare the longest I’ll ever go doing a darks wash) plus bought 15 pairs of comfortable black boxer briefs.

Chucked all my other underwear away (recycled rags etc).

Cannot tell you how liberating it is not having to think first thing in the morning about which socks and pants to wear. It’s great. They are always comfortable and go with everything else. Perfect. Improved my life considerably. Recommended.

I read that socks during sex can help you have a really nice time, sex-wise

unsure if this has been proven by sex scientists

also, socks can be cute sexy imo

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where did you get them? if there was ever a ‘me’ pair of socks, those would be them

I don’t wear socks very much, which may have contributed to the infected toe I got the other week. I resolved to wear them more after that, but here I am, sockless again! What am I like indeed.

Woah this is my size range.

How do you find shoe buying? It’s the bane of my life

Update: had a shower; time for fresh eveningwear


I have terrible circulation, so my feet are ALWAYS cold. They’re cold now and I have three pairs on. Admittedly, they’re all thin trainer socks, but still.

But yeah, unless it’s really hot, i’m always in them.

A nightmare! Online is good but I have to check their size guides with a tape measure to my feet to make sure what I’m getting.
Buying “women’s” shoes is a terrible experience (why shoes are still gendered in this day and age is baffling anyway)- if I want nice heels then new look is the only place on the high street that cater to my trotters. They’re also wide as well, to add insult to injury. Tbf day to day I mostly wear “men’s” converse or Adidas so that’s easy.
How tall are you? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m about 5”11 so I guess relatively proportionate


Love this, big fan


Today’s choice (feat. cheeky glimpse of shin)